MFRB Knit Fabric Mystery Box

Image of MFRB Knit Fabric Mystery Box

$25.00 - On Sale

Mystery boxes contain approx. 6-8 yards of 5-6 random fabrics (floral, polka dot, stripes, boho or solids, and could be sweater, rayon, dbp, ft, swim knits, etc). They will not be coordinated with each other and may include minor flaws such as awkward cuts, end of roll, short cuts, exclusive fabrics that are ONLY available in mystery boxes. Priced at $25+shipping for a MFRB.

*All Sales are Final. If you don't like surprises, a mystery box may not be for you.

*Coupon Codes are not valid on these boxes. If a coupon code is used on a mystery box your order will not be processed.

*Some cuts cut may small flaws near the selvedges or at the end of the roll. We won't include anything that's not usable.